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  • Shawn Thornton

5-Year-Olds Don't Drive Straight

Monday - May 11th

Today's Scripture to Read: Proverbs 3:5-6


Last week a 5-year-old Utah boy got in his mother's car and started to drive to California to buy a Lamborgini. He had argued with his mom over buying the luxury sports car. When she left for work, and he was in the care of an older sibling, he got the car keys and set out on his journey. The boy's intended multistate journey ended roughly five minutes after he took the car - he made it less than four miles from home. A Utah Highway Patrol trooper pulled him over on the freeway last Monday around noon.

In a dash-cam video released by the department, the SUV the boy is driving is seen weaving across the freeway as cars and semi-trucks speed past. The child pulls over to the shoulder of the road after the trooper activates his sirens. The officer expected to find an intoxicated adult behind the wheel and was surprised to see the boy. When the young driver shared his intentions of going to California to buy a Lamborgini, the officer asked him how much money he had with him. The boy produced a wallet with three dollars in it. The officer explained that he needed a little more to buy that kind of car. After the parents were contacted, the boy went home with his family.

During his brief ride, the boy had weaved back and forth as he drove. That is the reason the officer thought he was pulling over an intoxicated driver. With all of that weaving, the trooper said the little driver would not have gotten far. He could not drive straight at all. God has a plan for our lives. To Him, it looks straight. It is His will for us. We don't always travel in a straight line, spiritually. We have detours and distractions along the way.

In Proverbs 3:5-6, we are instructed to trust in the Lord and not try to figure things in life out in our own understanding. We are to acknowledge our creator and to understand the lordship he has in our lives as His children. As we do these things, verse six concludes by saying that God will show us which way to go. He will show us the straight path. This proverb conveys that when we ignore God and fail to acknowledge Him, we are leaning on our selves and how we understand the world. God promises us so much more. He promises that the journey will make sense. 

Maybe you have been struggling to figure out where you are in life and where you are going from here, it is essential to know that God wants to show you the right path, the right direction. These verses in Proverbs tell us that direction comes from a relationship with Him. Let God show you the right way. Don't merely lunge down any path. Stay on the one God wants for you!

As God's child, it is crucial for you to acknowledge God's plan for your life and His path for your journey!


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