• Shawn Thornton

A Supply Chain That's Secure

Saturday - November 27th

Scripture to Read Today: John 15:4-8


"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."


John 15:5

News reports this Thanksgiving weekend suggest that we may not all get the holiday foods, gifts, or decorations we may have wanted this year. Christmas trees and various fresh vegetables and produce may be in short supply due to shortages of fertilizer.

In addition, prices on various meats have been increasing due to a lack of proper feed available for livestock. Finally, you might find computers, tablets, smart phones, and other electronic devices either in low supply or with higher-than-expected prices due to a worldwide electronic chip shortage.

Spend a little time in a grocery or retail store, and you will discover the prices on some products you buy regularly have gone up quite a bit. Earlier talk of coming inflation in consumer good prices has now been realized. Some families report making tough budget choices due to climbing prices. For example, more Americans say that they would forgo Turkey for less expensive alternatives like chicken this Thanksgiving.

One headline I read simply said, "What Will You Lack This Holiday Season?" The article explained how current inflation and supply chain issues would leave most Americans lacking something they would have otherwise had this holiday season. Maybe you have already felt this pinch. Perhaps you can already identify what you lack this year.

As the followers of Christ, we rest in the promise that in Him, we will never lack anything. Jesus went a step further to say that without Him, we can do absolutely nothing. He supplies all of the strength and the stuff required to flourish in this world as His children. As the vine, He provides us, the branches, all that we need now or will ever need. His supply chain to us will never lack anything. His supply chain is always secure!

No matter what you are going through, Jesus promises to supply you and empower you with all you need!


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