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"Abba, Father"

Wednesday - May 4th

Scripture to Read Today: Romans 8:14-17

Our Father: Our mighty Father with authority and our caring Daddy with compassion

The Names and Attributes of God


The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father."

Romans 8:15

Audiences loved them on The Ellen Show, the Voice, the Today show, and in so many other television appearances. But, the place where millions have viewed their videos is YouTube. Nine-year-old Claire Crosby and her father, Dave Crosby, have become internet sensations. Claire may have recently eclipsed her father in popularity. Dave Crosby left his job at Amazon to pursue his own music career, but his oldest child, Claire, proved to be as strong a musical performer as her dad.

With over 3 million subscribers to "The Crosbys" YouTube Channel, Claire and her father caught the attention of the folks at Disney. Disney has now sponsored and produced some of the videos with father and daughter singing some of the company's most famous movie songs. Lesli and I have enjoyed watching some of the music videos and other family videos Dave posts. With Claire approaching ten, she and her younger siblings are featured in the family YouTube videos. Lots of fun at the Crosby's YouTube channel.

Lesi and I enjoy just how much fun this sweet father and daughter duo have being interviewed, singing, and making videos together. One video approaching nearly three million views showcases 6-year-old Claire getting the giggles while attempting to sing Hakuna Matata with Dave (view the video at the bottom of this Take5). Her smile and laughter are infectious, but watching her dad smile and enjoy the moment with his daughter is beyond precious. They demonstrate something so genuine and sweet when they are together. You can tell Claire feels completely comfortable and safe with her dad.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to have a sweet, genuine, and honest relationship with Him. We should feel comfortable when we are with Him, when we need to seek Him out, and when we strive to grow in our lives. God is our Father by creation. He made us. So, we are the sons of God because He made us in His image. Adam and Eve walked with God as their Father daily. They enjoyed an intimate, personal bond with Him.

When sin entered into humanity and broke our personal relationship with God, it did not change the fact that He is our Father by creation. The fall of humanity caused the intimacy Adam and Eve shared with the Father to be cut off. While everyone born human since Adam is a child of God by creation, not everyone has a personal, eternal relationship with Him as their ultimate Father. Faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ changes that. Faith in Jesus restores what was broken. Those who know Christ as Savior now experience God as their Father by redemption, not just by creation.

God's children, by redemption, can formally call on God and seek Him in their time of need. Often, as Jesus suggested, we approach our God as "our Father." We are also encouraged in the Scriptures to call him the less formal equivalent of our modern "Daddy." In Romans 8:15, we are told that as the children of God by redemption, we can cry out to Him with "Abba, Father." The term "Abba" is an Aramaic word that is the most intimate, simple, childlike term in Aramaic to refer to your father. Today, we translate it to "Daddy" in English.

When we think of God's name or title being Father, it speaks of the position He has as the nurturing authority over us. But, we can also cry out to Him as "Daddy" because He is not just the authority over us, He is the one who walks with us personally through life.

Today, cry out to your "Abba, Father." Know that your relationship is intimate as He is your Daddy. Also, know that He has authority and headship over you as your Father.

From time to time, I find myself laughing out loud when I am talking with God. He is my Daddy and my Father. Maybe I don't laugh as a giggly 6-year-old as Claire does with Dave, but I do sense His smile when I laugh to Him about something in life.

Cry out to your mighty Father and your caring and compassionate Daddy whenever you need help!


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