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  • Shawn Thornton

Clarity in the Middle of Uncertainty

Friday - June 11th

Scripture to Read Today: Daniel 12:1-4


At that time, every one of your people whose name is written in the book will be rescued. Many of those whose bodies lie dead and buried will rise up, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting disgrace.

Daniel 12:1-2

The Bible contains many prophetic passages. The number of predictive verses urges us to pay close attention to biblical prophecy. When God's Word was written, a fourth of it was predictive. 5,459 verses include future predictions. Biblical prophecies speak to 730 distinct topics. The future predictions God placed in His Word cannot be ignored!

Jesus' second coming is mentioned over 300 times in the New Testament. That means 25% of the verses in the New Testament include predictive details regarding the return of Jesus. When we know the Second Coming of Jesus is imminent, we have great hope that everything will ultimately be made right.

His promised coming allows us to hold on to divine hope. We have hope when we gain clarity in the middle of uncertainty. Jesus' return should cause us to approach life differently. It should transform our outlook, not just on the future, but for today as well. The remarkable promises of God bring us incredible hope for today!

The Book of Revelation remains one of the most well-known prophetic books in the Bible. This revelation to the Apostle John of heaven and the end times focuses on Christ's second coming, the judgment of the nations, and the judgment of the living and the dead. All will be judged - some to eternal life with God in Heaven and some to eternal death without God in Hell.

Daniel 12:1-2 gives clarity regarding the fact that the God who made every one of us will hold every one of us accountable one day. He has given the sacrificial lamb, His Son, the right to be the judge of all. Paul says that every knee will bow at that time, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord (Philippians 2:9-11). Those who had made Christ Lord of their lives before they stand before Jesus as judge step into eternity with God. Those who did not are cast into utter darkness - eternal death without God.

You need to rest in Christ's finished work on the cross to be forgiven and know that you will be judged based on Christ's redemptive work on the cross - not your sin and shame. Prophetic passages throughout the Scriptures point to our need to repent of our sin and turn to Jesus now. We should not wait. We should heed the warning of prophecy that we will all be held accountable.

You may be a novice regarding Bible prophecy, or you might consider yourself an expert on this topic. Either way, step back and get a great big glimpse of our God and how he plans to bring human history (as we know it) to a close with a new heaven and a new earth. Don't let the details of prophecy cause you to miss the mighty hand of God in the past, the future, AND today!

Prophecy is meant to point us to God. Many get distracted by the intricacies and imagery of biblical prophecy. They stare at the prophecies and miss seeing Jesus in them. Lift up your eyes and see God for who He is!

When we begin to understand the clarity of God's plan for humanity and judgment, we gain clarity for our lives today!


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