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  • Shawn Thornton

Do you suffer from Misophonia?

Tuesday - January 5th

Devotionals from the Book of James

Scripture to Read Today: James 1:19-20


Everyone should be quick to listen,

slow to speak and slow to become angry.

James 1:19

The 2020 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to researchers who identified, diagnosed, and provided extensive data related to Misophonia. Those who suffer from Misophonia experience an emotional (most often angry) response to ordinary, repetitive sounds such as dripping water, chewing food, snapping gum, or tapping a pencil. These researchers' Nobel worthy work concluded that Misophonia is a serious and life-disruptive condition that damages family, work, and other human relationships.

The ground-breaking research suggested that Misophonia is a pervasive and growing psychological and medical condition in our modern world. The most destructive emotion associated with any Misophonia trigger is anger. Misophonia's angry response causes tremendous damage to normal, otherwise healthy, everyday relationships among people. When triggered by a repetitive and irritating sound, the anger produced in the reaction is considered an overly extreme response by the one who is the source of the sound. They cannot believe the noise they make triggers such rage by the one who suffers from Misophonia.

James 1:19 suggests that when triggered in life by anything that irritates or disturbs us, we should control our immediate emotional response. Our initial words and anger can cause seemingly irreparable harm to normal human relationships. We should demonstrate self-control and not express our immediate thoughts and emotions when triggered by anything in life. This is much easier said than done.

As we walk with the Lord over time and yield ourselves daily to the Holy Spirit's control of our minds, emotions, and tongues, self-control organically emerges in our responses to various triggers. We cannot do this alone. We need the Holy Spirit's transforming power in our lives.

What triggers you? Is there something specific that your spouse, a friend, or a co-worker can do or say that sets you off? Maybe Misophonia is your trigger. There are a few repetitive sounds that someone can make that equal nails being scraped across a chalkboard for me. What about you? Maybe you suffer from the common and often debilitating condition of Misophonia.

How quick are you to say something? How fast do you find yourself triggered to the point of any angry outburst? Part of learning to live and love like Jesus is learning to be triggered less quickly than we used to be. As we become more like Jesus, we find ourselves being more patient and understanding. We slow down in our responses to life's irritations and triggers.

Ask God to help you know your triggers. Ask Him to slow you down in your responses to things others do that irritate you. Allow Him to change you day by day as you walk with Him.

God wants to change how quickly we react to life's triggers. We need to let Him slow us down!

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