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  • Shawn Thornton

Easy Come. Easy Go.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Saturday - April 18th

Today's Scripture to Read: Matthew 6:19-21


Charles Calvin could not believe his eyes. He had never seen so many zeroes associated with his finances. Last Saturday Calvin, of New Chicago, Indiana, stopped by the Family Express Gas Station to use their ATM to get his $1,700 stimulus money from his account. He needed it for his rent. The ATM gave him the money and a receipt. As he looked at the receipt, he noticed his account balance was $8,200,000.00 (not a normal balance on an ATM receipt for Calvin). He decided the balance amount must be a fluke. He used his ATM card to take a few more dollars out just to see the receipt's balance amount a second time. It again indicated that Calvin had $8.2 million in his bank account. He decided to visit the bank early on Monday morning to see if they had the same balance his receipts had. On Monday, he was able to go to his bank, Metabank, and show the two receipts with the $8.2 million bank balance. The teller, too, was stunned. She produced a slip with the balance she could see in his account. It was $13.69. Calvin says he looked at her and said, "Yep, that is my account." Easy come. Easy go. Within 48 hours, Calvin had gone from having millions of dollars to just over ten dollars in his account. All-day Sunday, he felt incredibly wealthy even though he knew it was not accurate. Over the last few weeks, many Americans have seen their portfolios tank. Twenty-two million jobs have been lost over the past month. Millions of Americans are currently struggling to make ends meet. Our financial stability can be rocked by one invisible virus. In Matthew 6:19-21, during His famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus addressed money and the things money can buy. All around Him, religious leaders were financially gaining while ordinary people suffered. Some of Jesus' clearest words relating to wealth spoke of our earthly stuff decaying and disappearing. Rust, moths, and thieves can destroy what we have worked so hard to gain. Nothing we acquire on earth will last the test of time. Jesus urges us to store up treasures in Heaven rather than store up things here on earth. No rust, no moth, no thief can steal from us the rewards we gain as we invest in eternal things. Like Calvin, we can quickly discover that great earthly wealth disappears quite fast. Where are you investing? Here on earth or in Heaven? Nothing you pile up here can last. No matter how secure, clean, or useful you think your stuff is, things can change in moments. Everything can be gone in an instant. With the economic havoc created by the complexity of the Coronavirus, many of us have seen the temporary nature of our world's wealth. Some have experienced it firsthand. As followers of Christ, we should heed His words in Matthew. Jesus goes so far as to say that our value system, what we really prioritize, is exposed by where we invest what we have. Do you value the things of earth over the things of Heaven? Does your heart jump when you think of the eternal impact of how you invest your time, abilities, and finances? While it was only "paper money," Charles Calvin knows what it is like to feel like a millionaire and see it all disappear. Make sure what you value will last. Focus more on what you invest for eternity than what you spend here on earth!

Earthly stuff won't last, heavenly stuff lasts forever - make your investment count.


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