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  • Shawn Thornton

God Owns It All

Monday - October 4th

Scripture to Read Today: Psalm 24:1-10


The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it,

the world, and all who live in it. Psalm 24:1

Notice the placement of the phrase "The earth is the Lord's" in Psalm 24. It's at the beginning of the Psalm. So in this song of praise, the first thing declared is a reminder that God is the world's creator, owner, and sustainer. We cannot escape the glory and grandeur of Who He is. This is a statement of God's supremacy - that He is above and overall.

Because of this truth, God's glory and kingship must always come first in our lives. He should always be at the top of our minds. When we wake and lie down. When we rest and move, we must keep in mind that He owns all the universe. He is the artist, and all of creation is His canvas.

The word "LORD" here means "Jehovah" or "the existing One." The world was God's when He formed it out of nothing by His word (Hebrews 11:3). The earth has always been His.

The worlds of the Old and New Testaments were His. Our world today is His. The new earth will be His (Revelation 21:1). Nothing in all the universe was ever outside of the Lord's ownership. Nothing is, and nothing ever will be.

No matter who you are, whether a firm believer or an atheist, God is over you. He is Lord of all.

We who have faith in Christ need to realize that we are merely stewards of His stuff because God owns everything. He is the owner. We are the managers of His stuff.

The more we are blessed, the more we forget this principle. But, ignoring it can be dangerous. We forget the stuff we have - the success we have experienced - only comes because of the way God has gifted us. He gives us life, health, wisdom, education, experience. Nothing in our lives exists outside of the stewardship God gives us as His children.

One day we will all give an account for what we have done with our time, talents, and treasure. Then, we will stand before God, and He will judge how faithful we were of leveraging the stuff He has put in our care for the good of others and His glory. He blesses us first and foremost to bless others - not spend it on ourselves or hoard it.

How are you doing at managing God's stuff? Are you a good steward of what He places in your care? Do you even think about it?

When you know God owns everything, it changes your view of your stuff, how you got it, and what you do with it!


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