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  • Shawn Thornton

God Provides and God Protects

Saturday - September 11th

Scripture to Read Today: Philippians 4:10-19


Give us today our daily bread.

Matthew 6:11

As our nation remembers those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, we think of those who innocently became targets of terrorists and those who bravely ran into the twin towers to rescue others. Our entire nation felt the weight of that horrific day to one degree or another. Of course, those who personally lost a loved one or friend in the attacks took the full brunt of the evil acts of a few radical men. Today, twenty years later, we remember and reflect.

One of those who ran bravely into the Twin Towers to rescue others was Father Mychal Judge, a New York Fire Department chaplain. Unfortunately, Father Judge lost his life as the towers came down. Among the notes, flowers, photos, and other items of memory and grief gathered and posted at ground zero in the days following 9/11 was a prayer written by Father Judge.

Those who knew Judge say that He was a down-to-earth, basic, unpretentious person. If he prayed for you, he would pray for God's provision and protection. If he were to pray any part of the Lord's Prayer more than another, it would be that God would give His children their daily bread. He cared for the everyday challenges of those he served. Judge prayed God's provision and protection for the firemen beside whom he served in the NYFD.

Father Judge's prayer posted at the Ground Zero memorial within days of that dreadful day stands out as the prayer of a hero. He wanted to get out of God's way and be used to help others. Like so many "ordinary" heroes that day, his presence among his fellow firemen provided compassion and comfort. His presence was a gift from God to those who knew Him and an inspiration to all - like so many 9/11 heroes.

Here was the prayer of Father Mychal Judge that so many read at the 9/11 memorial:

Lord, take me where you want me to go.

Let me meet who you want me to meet.

Tell me what you want me to say.

Keep me out of your way.

It is no wonder that a man who believed God supplied all of his needs and found his strength in his God would pray such a prayer daily and be counted among those who gave their lives for others twenty years ago today!

Ask God to take you where you should go today and meet who you should meet!


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