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  • Shawn Thornton

Grateful for Achievements

Saturday - November 28th

Day 28: Attitude of Gratitude

Scripture to Read Today: Genesis 39:1-6


From the time he put him in charge of his household and of all that he owned, the LORD blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph.

Genesis 39:5

When I look back at any of the achievements in my life academically, professionally, or personally, they can all be attributed to the good hand of God in my life. He gave me all of the resources and capabilities that allowed me to complete my undergraduate and graduate degrees. At an early age in ministry, he opened doors for me that I could not have fathomed tackling on my own. I thank God for all that He has achieved in and through me. Without Him, I am nothing.

One of my favorite Bible characters is Joseph, the son of Jacob. His life story is the longest told in the Book of Genesis. Even his grandfather, Abraham, and other notable people in Genesis fail to get the kind of biographical coverage Joseph gets. As the favorite son of his father, Joseph gets sold into slavery by his jealous older brothers. He ends up a slave in Egypt but rises to the head servant in a high-ranking official's household.

Potiphar, the Egyptian official, experiences incredible prosperity because of how Joseph manages his household. Genesis chapter thirty-nine explains that any prosperity Potiphar experiences comes into his life because God blesses Joseph and all that He does. Potiphar is blessed because God blesses Joseph.

Potiphar's wife makes sexual advances toward Joseph and is rebuffed by him. She makes a false accusation to her husband, saying that Joseph had attacked her. Joseph loses his position and ends up in prison. He is forgotten there by others who promise to seek his release. Eventually, the highest ruler in all of Egypt hears of Joseph's ability to interpret dreams. He releases Joseph after a dream is interpreted and then makes Joseph second in rank only to Pharaoh himself.

Joseph's path was never an easy one. He had incredible highs and awful lows in his journey from slavery to reigning with great power. Every achievement, every ability, every part of his capacity to endure all come from God. Joseph knows that and leverages the blessing of his position to forgive his brothers and save his father and family from a great famine. He gives them the best land in all of Egypt as their home.

As you look back at your life's ups and downs, what are your academic, professional, and personal achievements? List as many as you can. Thank God for every one of them. Whatever you have become, whoever you are, all of your accomplishments are because of Him!

Thank God for the achievements of your life. Recognize before others when you can that they come from God!


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