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  • Shawn Thornton

His Sheep Hear His Voice

Thursday - September 30th

Scripture to Read Today: John 10:26-30


My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

John 10:27

With my wife, Lesli, and our kids, I've learned that listening can be a critical way of saying "I love you." I wish I had discovered it much earlier than I did. But I am a slow learner. Research shows that men generally find listening to those close to them far more challenging than women do. Yet, both men and women express value when we truly hear what others are saying. As we actively listen, those speaking to us know that we care.

From John 10, we learn that in our relationship with Jesus, He calls Himself our Shepherd and refers to us as His sheep. He talks about His voice being heard by those who are a part of His flock. He knows each sheep by name. He knows them personally. The relationship between Christ, the Good Shepherd, and us as His sheep thrives from His love for us. We listen for His voice and follow Him. As we listen to Him, we express to Him how much we are committed to Him and care about Him.

Listening is an essential component of any relationship, but it is more so in our relationship with Christ. If we belong to Him, we have the privilege of communing with Him through His Word and the voice of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. When His voice guides us to justice, love, grace, and everything else consistent with His character, we know we are listening to the true Shepherd. Those who diligently listen to Jesus become more deeply committed to Him and are transformed into His likeness.

Paying close attention to the voice of Jesus is one way to reinforce His relevance in your life. So set aside your daily distractions, tune in to His voice, and pray for the grace to accomplish what He says. As His sheep, listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd!

One of the great truths of Christ being our Good Shepherd is that His sheep hear His voice!


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