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  • Shawn Thornton

How Your Father Sees You

Thursday - June 18th

Scripture to Read for Today's Devotional: Romans 3:21-23

Today's Selection from our Sermon on the Mount Reading Plan: Matthew 7:1-12


This righteousness is given through faith in

Jesus Christ to all who believe.

Romans 3:22

"So, the name for the order is Shawn, right?" The young man standing at my car window surprised me by knowing me as I gave him my order. It is not uncommon for folks in the Calvary family to recognize me before I recognize them when we meet somewhere off the church campus. But, he threw me off. He seemed to relish that he knew my name immediately and assumed I would not know who he was. He was right.

After my order was complete, the young man told me his name and the name of his parents. As he identified himself, I knew immediately who he was. The problem was I had not seen him up close for two or three years, and he had grown up and changed a lot in that time. In my mind's eye, he was 13 or 14 years old. But now he was 17 or 18. He handled our conversation with such professionalism and poise - way beyond his years. I know his parents. It's not surprising that he would have that kind of maturity.

His Dad and I text from time to time, so I texted his Dad to tell him, "I thought you should know that at a certain fast-food restaurant in town, a young man is passing himself off as your youngest son." The Father texted me back and said that it was indeed his son. I told him he was much younger in my mind's eye. Too which he replied, "In my mind's eye, he is still a little boy."

I took the time to share a few observations I made about how well he had done in nurturing his son to be a fine young man. He replied, "86% of the time he is, but we still have some work to do." I knew he was half-joking with me. But, I also understood what he was saying. His son is a good kid, but he still needs to grow in some practical areas of life.

As I drove away, I thought of a passage I had just been studying for my sermon that week. The Scripture found in Romans 3:21-23, talks about our position before God when we have placed our faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It indicates that no matter who we are, a Jew or a gentile, we have all sinned and fallen short of God's glory.

But, that as we put our faith in Jesus, God gives us a righteousness that does not come through keeping the Old Testament law or any other religious code. God granted us the righteousness of Christ by His grace as we believed in Jesus. We now stand clothed in Christ's righteousness, and that is how God sees us. It is not just a posture before him at the moment Christ saved us; it is more than just an out of date image in the mind's eye of our Heavenly Father.

We stand positionally perfect before God because of His great love for us. Nothing can separate us from that love as Romans 8:35-39 makes very clear. No matter how you mess up. No matter how unfaithful you are to Him, God will never let go of you because you are righteous through Christ. Practically as we sin and mess up, we confess our sins, and he continues to be faithful and just in forgiving us. Practically, we go to him for continued cleanup, but positionally God still sees us clothed in the righteousness of Jesus!

That kind of grace and unconditional love fuels our desire to live a life where our practical walk on earth matches our positional standing before God more and more every day! When we mess up, God does not merely see a prior and better version of us in His mind's eye. He sees us as He has seen us since we placed our faith in Jesus - covered in the righteousness of Christ.

Let the reality of how God sees you soak in so that you will deeply desire to live daily in a way that begins to match up to who you are in Christ!


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