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Knowing the Will of God

Monday - January 3rd

Scripture to Read Today: Ephesians 1:1-3


Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God,

To God's holy people in Ephesus, the faithful in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 1:1

"Pastor, my company wants me to move to Boston and work out of our Northeast office, but I am not sure how to know God's will about this. How can I know God's will for my life and career?"

Christopher asked me this specific question a few months ago. He permitted me to talk about our conversation with others to help them understand how we determine what God wants for our lives. The words "God's will" describe in Scripture what God wants for us in life.

The Apostle Paul opens his letter to the first-century Christians in the church of Ephesus, saying that He was an apostle "by the will of God." Somehow, he knew God wanted him to serve as an apostle - a specific role within the church. How did Paul know God's will for his life?

Knowing God's will helps us live according to His plans for us. Living according to God's will brings peace and meaning in life - even in challenging circumstances. Conversely, living outside of God's will for our lives brings frustration, dissatisfaction, and a lack of peace. God wired us to live in harmony with the way He designed us and instructs us. When we do, peace settles into our hearts and lives. But, if we live outside the way He created us and teaches us, we experience a lack of true peace. Instead, we experience frustration, anxiety, and grief. We will lack deep satisfaction outside of God's will.

How to determine God's will regarding a particular thing - like moving to Boston for your job - can be a daunting endeavor. Nevertheless, Christopher's question is one which I am constantly asked. Sincere followers of Christ want to please God by living in His will. They want to enjoy the peace God offers.

There are two kinds of "wills" regarding God's will. Today we will explore the first and most crucial aspect of knowing God's will for your life. Tomorrow we will tackle the second.

First, there is the written will of God. This has to do with the clear instructions God's Word gives us for our lives. So, we start with the question, "What does the Bible say?" If God's word requires or forbids specific actions, then there is no question regarding His will for our lives. We simply trust and obey. We live according to God's written will found in the Bible.

It pains me when someone in the Calvary family says, "Pastor Shawn, I know what the Bible says, but I..." No matter how the statement finishes, I know frustration and heartache lie ahead for that person. God gave us His Word so that we can live in His grace and peace daily by obeying it.

Are you saying "I know what the Bible says, but" in any aspect of your life today? Confess that to the Lord and change the direction of your life in this area. Let God forgive you and empower you to walk again according to His written, clear will for your life!

The first and most crucial part of living in God's will is to live in obedience to God's Word -the Bible!


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