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  • Shawn Thornton

Let Us Bow Down

Wednesday - August 3rd

Scripture to Read Today: Psalm 95:1-7


Come, let us bow down in worship,

let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker.

Psalm 95:6

Shows about the behind-the-scenes lives of the British royal family often depict challenges people have in learning to bow or curtsey appropriately to the queen. A recent article describing Princess Diana's struggle to learn proper protocols of curtseying confirmed the accuracy of Netflix's The Crown depiction of Diana's struggle. Scenes depicting the princess rehearsing show the lighter side of what goes on in British palaces.

In her early days dating Prince Charles, Diana not only struggled to get proper curtseying techniques down, but she also bowed to everyone in the royal family. While struggles like Diana's provide a little humor and make for lighter scenes in shows like The Crown, proponents of royal protocols take this stuff quite seriously.

Royal protocol experts say it takes time to get the official bowing or curtseying protocols down. However, these experts also say that once the technique is mastered (as Diana did), people begin to bow or curtsey to every royal family member. They fail to realize that only the royal regent herself deserves a bow or curtsey as you enter her presence.

When we consider our God, the Maker of all the universe, we should find ourselves humbled in His presence. We should bow down before Him and show Him the proper respect. He alone deserves our adoration, respect, and humility.

The Psalms often speak of the regal nature of our God. They indicate that bowing or falling on our faces before God is a natural reaction to His divine majesty. In Psalm 95:6, we are invited to come before the Lord in such a humble posture. "Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker."

A proper response to our sovereign God is to kneel and bow in humility before Him. As we do, we show Him respect. We worship and adore Him. So, take some time today to get on your knees to pray, worship, and lift Him up. Read Psalm 95:1-7 out loud as you do. Allow yourself to focus all your attention on the greatness of our God!

The King of Kings deserves our adoration, demonstrated by kneeling or bowing before Him!


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