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Like a Kiss

Saturday - October 24th

Scripture to Read Today: Proverbs 24:1-34


An honest answer

is like a kiss on the lips.

-Proverbs 24:26

I will never forget the first time Lesli and I kissed. It was a big deal - although it was a simple and sweet kiss. We were pretty sure at the time we were a serious couple, but there was just something about that kiss. We have kissed thousands of times now, but I still consider a kiss from her one of the greatest treasures of life. 

When I was a kid, we had a former missionary share in children's Sunday School how the Eskimos kissed by rubbing their noses. When our kids were young, we shared butterfly kisses. I have had sweet, elderly grandmothers kiss my cheek and thank me for being their pastor. Kisses of any kind are special. Kisses of passion and deeply romantic love indicate a depth of intimacy between two lovers. But, a kiss on the lips seems to be the sweetest of all.

It is no wonder that Proverbs 24:26 says, "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." When we give an honest answer to a question rather than a deceptive answer, there is something so straightforward and clear about it—something unmistakable about it. Misleading responses that hide or evade the truth erode any relationship. When a co-worker, friend, neighbor, or family member lies to you, the relationship you share enters dangerous waters. One dishonest answer can lead to more. Before you know it, most of what you share is a myth and maybe even a betrayal. 

God's children need to be known for the clarity, integrity, and honesty of what they say. They should answer questions honestly. There should be no doubt between friends. God's family should be known for being both honest and authentic with each other. Our world longs for integrity and honesty.  

What about you? Are you known for being honest? Do others perceive you are someone who tells them the truth? Ask God to show you areas where your integrity slips and where your honesty loses its clarity. Confess any areas of deception or duplicity in your life to the Lord.

A kiss on the lips is something special. Being honest in our answers is too!

P.S. I still love kissing my wife!


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