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  • Shawn Thornton

Looking Out for Others First

Tuesday - August 25th Scripture to Read for Today's Devotional: Philippians 2:1-4

Today's Selection from our Sermon on the Mount Reading Plan: Matthew 6:25-34


Not looking to your own

interests but each of you to

the interests of the others.

Philippians 2:4

Sixty-two-year-old Major League Baseball pitcher Satchel Paige only needed 158 days on an active roster to reach the five-year minimum required to receive his pension. After retiring years earlier, he reached out to the 20 Major League Baseball teams about joining them in 1968.

Nineteen teams turned Satchel down, but on Aug. 12, 1968, the Atlanta Braves signed the star player as a part-time pitcher and an advisor. The New York Times said Paige, a Negro Leagues veteran and the oldest rookie (42) to play in the majors, was "still without any trace of gray in his hair" at the news conferences announcing his signing.

Asked about his age, Paige was not forthcoming. The right-hander was notorious for not revealing his age. He told various stories. One involved a donkey eating documents related to his birth. Another emphasized a nurse that either got sick or died before producing a birth certificate. Still, another story involved a fire that destroyed that birth certificate. All of this added to his mystique and legend. "[The Braves] have done a lot of research on that and asked me so much about it, I've forgotten myself," he told The Associated Press.

When I read the Braves' story going out of their way to help Satchel finish well so he could get a full MLB player pension, I thought of Philippians 2:1-4. These verses describe how humble people put others first. They don't look out for their own interests. Actually, they set aside their own interests and prioritize the interests of others. From verse five, the Apostle Paul describes the exceptional example of others-oriented humility - God the Son.

As the followers of Jesus, we are called on to go out of our way to put others' interests before our own. Of the "One Another" commands of Scripture, being humble with one another can be incredibly challenging. Who we are and what interests are important to us can easily occupy our entire focus. We can have no room for others. Humbling ourselves and putting others' interests first requires an intentional choice on our part - as Jesus chose to humble Himself and put our interests before His own.

Today, take a few intentional moments to put the needs and interests of a family member, friend, or co-worker first in your life. Determine how you can put the interests of other brothers and sisters in Christ first today. Be intentional. Be purposeful. Be humble. Look for ways to set aside what you need or want and prioritize someone in a way you don't usually.

Put the interests of others ahead of your own - just like Jesus.


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