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  • Shawn Thornton

Not a Spot Where God is Not

Wednesday - September 16th

Scripture to Read Today: Psalm 139:7-12

Omnipresent: God is everywhere equally at all times

Day 16 of 30 Days of the Names and Attributes of God


The eyes of the Lord are

everywhere, keeping watch

on the wicked and the good.

Proverbs 15:3

Mary Roberts has served as Calvary's Director of Early Childhood Ministries throughout my 12 years as Calvary's Senior Pastor. She has a phenomenal heart for the Lord and preschool-age kids. Mary shares God's Word with young children in a way that I have seen very few do. She has enthusiasm, energy, and an ability to convey the Bible's truth so that it grabs the hearts and minds of the boys and girls.

Mary is an accomplished businesswoman who was always both tenacious and gracious in her business dealings. Her heart for young children in the church emerged later in her career. A grandmother herself, Mary, has a way of talking about and sharing Jesus that includes a childlike sense of wonder. Children see her as being on the same journey they are to understand who they are, who God is, and how they fit into this world. During my own interactions with Mary, I often feel like she is that innocent, curious child pulling me into her quest to know, love, and serve God.

One of the phrases all of the children in Calvary's early childhood ministry and their parents are sure to know is "there is not a spot where God is not." Mary regularly shares this little phrase emphasizing God's presence everywhere. She will share it with preschoolers who need to hear it. And she shares it with adults who need to hear it. Mary's emphasis on God's presence in our lives emerged in her childhood.

As a child, Mary had to hide from an adult family member who could be mean and cruel when they came home drunk. Mary often found herself hiding under her bed from this family member. No child should have to experience that kind of trauma and fear, especially from a relative. Mary's grandmother reminded her often that God would be with her wherever she went. The thought of God being with her all of the time brought comfort to Mary's heart. Hiding under a bed one day brought her to the realization that her grandmother was correct. God is with us all of the time.

At a young age, Mary embraced the little phrase, "There is not a spot where God is not." That even means that God is with you when you cower in fear. He is with you when someone causes fear to fill your heart and mind. He is even with you when you are hiding under the bed.

While Mary may not be counted among theological scholars in the universities and seminaries of our day, her theology could not be more accurate. God's attribute of being omnipresent means that God is equally present everywhere at all times. The Psalmist in Psalm 139:7-12 makes it very clear that no matter where we go, we do not escape being in God's presence. That should comfort us that He never abandons us or leaves us. He is always there - where we are. It should also unsettle us. He is there and aware when we sin in secret, thinking no one knows. That should sober us.

Mary may not be a world-renowned theologian, but she states a theological perspective so well: "There is not a spot where God is not." Maybe you have read it so many times you will remember it. Good. Holding on to this simple truth can help us in some of our most trying and troubling times.

This coming weekend at Calvary, we will explore this thought a bit more. We will discuss "loneliness" and how we are never alone. It will be week one of six in our new teaching series, "Hope for the Heavy Heart." Throughout this series, we will study what the Scriptures say about handling various emotions we have experienced in this challenging year of 2020.

Today, wherever you are, remember, God is there. He is with you. You are never outside His caring, sovereign presence. You can talk to Him anywhere and everywhere. You can trust Him in any spot or location.

God is everywhere equally at all times. There is not a spot where God is not!


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