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  • Shawn Thornton

Not the Wind, But The Pollen

Friday - May 1st

Today's Scripture to Read: John 14:16-17


The other day I had my mask on, was in line to shop at Costco, and was standing at least six feet from everyone else. Yep, I was following all of the protocols and then IT hit - the dry allergy patch at the back of my throat showed up with no mercy. I worked so hard not to cough or choke. You can make some bizarre sounds when you really need to cough, and cough big, but you keep your lips tightly sealed to conceal it. I could see other shoppers in line with me beginning to step back farther from me. Couples in line began to whisper and subtly (or so they thought) point toward me, warning one another.  

I have learned over the years through the advice of allergists and others plagued with similar sinus and allergy issues how to handle the symptoms. But, every year, allergies seem to creep up on me and pounce. It should be obvious when I see the pollen covering our patio furniture, grill, and cars right now. That pollen is not my friend. The pollen has gotten so bad that sitting in my back yard looking at trees in the city park next to our house last week, I saw a massive cloud of pollen dust escape the branches and leaves of the trees as a good gust of wind came along. It happened several times. Each time I saw the dust cloud leave the trees, my heart sank as more of that visible nemesis spread into our neighborhood and yard.

Sitting there, it struck me how I could not see the wind, but I could see the evidence of the wind as the tree branches swayed and the pollen cloud departed the tree. The power of the wind was not a theoretical idea, but for me, that power I could not see could impact my life significantly. In the Upper Room on the night before His crucifixion, Jesus promised in John 14:16-17 that as He left His disciples and was going somewhere they could not follow, He would be sending them the Holy Spirit of God. The Spirit would be with them. He would be their comforter. They would not see the Spirit of God as they had seen Jesus - the Son of God. But, they would know His power, and they would see the evidence of His work.

Decades later, the Apostle Paul would describe in Galatians 5:22-23 the fruit of the Spirit that would be displayed in and through us as we allow the Holy Spirit to shape and mold us. All who know Jesus have the Holy Spirit inside them. As we yield to Him and His transformative power, the fruit of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control come out of us. Like the wind, we still do not see the Holy Spirit, but we see the evidence of Him. The promise of the Holy Spirit coming into each of Jesus' followers is a precious promise. Can you see the proof of God's Spirit working in and through your life? Are you inviting Him to change, mold, and shape you from the inside out - as only He can?

While we cannot see the Holy Spirit, we can see (along with others in our lives) the evidence of Him in and through us!


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