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  • Shawn Thornton

The God of Wrath

Tuesday - September 22nd

Scripture to Read Today: Nahum 1:2-8

Wrath: God's personal, complete, and holy indignation towards evil and injustice in all forms

Day 21 of 30 Days of the Names and Attributes of God


For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

Romans 1:18

Throughout the centuries of church history, just as people have loved the grace of God, they have loathed the wrath of God. Talking to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about the love of God can be a lot easier than talking about divine wrath. Knowing what God's attribute of wrath means helps us understand how incredible the love and grace of God really is.

God's wrath is His personal, complete, and holy indignation towards evil and injustice in all forms. We are all under God's judgment and condemnation from the time we are born. Without Christ, we are on what Jesus called the "broad path" that leads to destruction - eternal judgment in Hell. We deserve the wrath and judgment to come, but God provided a way for the condemnation hovering over us to be removed.

The Scriptures tell us that God's wrath was poured out at the cross: "I will soon pour out my wrath upon you and spend my anger against you" (Ezekiel 7:8). The divine wrath toward sin was poured out on Jesus. He became the "propitiation" for our sins (Romans 3:25), which means that the payment for our sins was poured out on Jesus at Calvary. He took our Hell on the cross so we would not have to experience it.

When we express our faith in the person and work of Christ, we experience God's saving grace. Romans 8:1 tells us that when we have been made right with God through Jesus Christ, there is no more condemnation hovering over us at all. God's wrath was completely satisfied in Jesus on the cross. If you know Jesus as your savior, you will never experience divine wrath.

As we reflect on Christ's willingness to take the judgment and wrath we deserve on Himself as He was hanging on the cross, we should fall on our knees before God in gratitude for His grace. Don't forget, grace is the goodness God gives us that we do not deserve.

In light of God's wrath, God's grace should astound us. Praise God for His amazing grace today!


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