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  • Shawn Thornton

The Longest Day

Monday - June 21st

Scripture to Read Today: Joshua 10:5-15


The sun stopped in the middle of the sky

and delayed going down about a full day.

Joshua 10:13

Five major armies had gone out united against the Gibeonites in war. The Gibeonites were hurting and were about to be destroyed. They appealed to Joshua and the nation of Israel for help. Joshua led the Israelite army to take on the kingdoms attacking the Gibeonites. In Joshua 10:8, the Lord promises Joshua, "Do not be afraid of them; I have given them into your hand. Not one of them will be able to withstand you."

The army of Israel traveled by night and caught their enemies off guard as they arrived in the morning. The attacking kingdoms fled in disarray. As Joshua and his men pursued them, the fleeing armies had no time to stop and organize for battle. Joshua understood that if the day ended and the pursuit came to an end, the enemy would be able to regroup and would then be able to fight back and take back the advantage over Joshua and his army.

Joshua prayed for the sun to stop and allow them to continue the pursuit of the scattered enemy and defeat them that day. God caused the sun to stop its movement across the sky, extending daylight to finish the enemy's defeat. Joshua 10:13 simply says, "The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day."

What happened to Joshua and his men gives new meaning to a long day. We often describe a difficult or boring day as a "long day." Depending on what we experienced today, we may project the same tediousness or challenges to tomorrow. We may worry about what is to come. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" (Matthew 6:34).

Remember, no matter what happened in your life yesterday, no matter what happens today, God will give you what you need for this day and the new day you face tomorrow. He may not extend your day as He did for Joshua, but He will provide you the strength, wisdom, and grace you need!

It is too easy for life to paralyze us, to get us immobilized by fear or worry. Sometimes we think we cannot move forward until we see a clear path for the week, the next month, or the entire year ahead. God says that just as He did for Joshua, He will provide the grace you need for this day (2 Corinthians 12:9). If you feel overwhelmed today or worried about tomorrow, ask God to provide you just what you need.

Even the longest day can be a day of victory when we trust God to give us what we need for it!


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