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  • Shawn Thornton

You Don't Have to be a Rockefeller

Friday - October 8th

Scripture to Read Today: Luke 12:35-48


And the Lord answered,

"Who then is the faithful and wise manager,

whom the master puts in charge of his servants

to give them their portion at the proper time.

Blessed is that servant whose master

finds him doing so when he returns.

Luke 12:42-43

Why did John D. Rockefeller become one of the greatest successes of all time? Some think his business or negotiation skills were the key, while others praised his determination or meticulousness. "It has felt as if I was favored and received increase because the Lord knew that I was going to turn around and give it back," Rockefeller explained throughout his life.

Rockefeller believed he had gotten such a "fantastic windfall" because he was "so diligent in his management," according to his biographer, Ron Chernow.

Rockefeller was raised in a church setting. Some of his business actions would be called into question later in his life. Still, he remained steadfast in his religious zeal, attending worship services and prayer sessions daily. For more than 30 years, he studied the Bible, taught Sunday school, and led the education ministries of his church.

Early in life, according to Rockefeller, he learned biblical values about giving. He told others that every penny he ever earned was from God. Rockefeller was so giving that he funded half of his church's annual budget for many years. While he enjoyed the finer things of life, he carefully handled his financial resources through meticulous stewardship. Rockefeller planned to give. He felt it was a stewardship responsibility to God.

God's values apply to every follower of Christ, not just a select few. We cannot exempt ourselves from being good stewards because we don't have the same resources as a Rockefeller. God has given each person different resources. In Luke 12:42, Jesus said He was looking for "the faithful and wise manager." That kind of steward is faithful with the resources God has given them.

We are all stewards of God's resources. We will all be accountable to God one day for how we used them. Whatever one thinks of John D. Rockefeller, his business dealings, or his Christianity, he clearly thought stewardship was important. Each of us needs to be thinking about the importance of our stewardship before the Lord. What are you doing with everything God has entrusted to you?

Even if we are not as blessed as a Rockefeller, we are to be good stewards of that with which we are blessed!


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